Smart Energy Monitor

The PiMx Energy Monitor offers an extremely versatile Energy Monitoring System for home, office or industrial use. It allows for non-invasive monitoring of the AC grid Voltage, Current and Power of your utility supply and so increases awareness of your energy consumption. Such awareness assists in realising where energy efficiency steps can be taken. Reduction of energy bills of up to a third is achievable with very small lifestyle changes, once you know where and when your energy is used.

Benefits of the PiMx energy monitor:

1) A standard electricity bill only offers the total electrify usage over a period of time (typically a month). The PiMx can offer an in depth, second to second, historical data.

2) By moving the AC current sensors between various circuits in your electrical distribution board, the PiMx can be used to verify which circuits in a building are using most energy.

3) By analysing either the live of historical graphs, the PiMx allows the user to identify potential appliances that might be faulty within a building (eg: fridge running too often or a borehole pump switching on/off too often).

4) For some buildings, billing is influenced by peak demand. By using the live data analysis, the PiMx will allow real time monitoring of peak demand and hence allow the user to reduce the peak demand, resulting in reducing costs.

5) The power requirements of various appliances can be tested using the PiMx.

6) Trend analysis of a buildings' energy requirements can be determined and, if necessary, a different tariff structure can be selected to reduce energy bills.

7) General verification of municipal electrical meters can be checked using the PiMx. Note however, the PiMx is not a certified Class 1 billing tool, so there can be up to a 5% margin of error.

The PiMx Smart Energy Monitor Package contains the following items:

1 x EM-PiMx Microprocessor & I/O Box (includes WiFi, LAN and access to data processing via the remote graphical interface portal)
1 x EM-PSU Power Supply Pack (13.8V/2.5A DC)
1 x EM-ACTr AC Voltage Sensor Box (230Vac-9Vac) (one unit, per phase monitored, is required)
3 x EM-CT10 10mm Current Transformers (20Amp rating) 



How PiMx Works:

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  • Energy Monitoring

  • Real Time Data

  • Hystorical Data

  • Trend Analysis

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  • All Features of PiMx

  • Victron Inverter Interface

  • Freedom Won Battery Interface

  • Energy Control Functions

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  • Redistribution of Energy

  • Geyser Interface

  • Air Conditioner Interface

  • Load Control Relay Interface

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